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add to favorites For Sale
1942 Ply Gas Guage very good condition ,20.00 ,Ted Marvin 88 unit 405 Tollgate Rd Brantford ont. Phone 519 759 1979
add to favorites 1947 Plymouth Side Mirror
Side Mirror in Very Good Condition.
Glass and chrome excellent. Ask for back side picture. $50.00
add to favorites 1947 Plymouth Rear View Mirror
1947 Plymouth Rear View Mirror in Good condition. For perfect, it needs glass replaced. Ask for front image of mirror......$40
add to favorites 1951 Plymouth Belvedere 2 dr hdtp
No Picture
I am parting out a complete but very rusty belvedere. call or email with needs 217-543-3260

add to favorites REBUILT STARTERS1935-58
No Picture
Rebuilt starters 1935-58 ,,MAX 4003,,MZ4089,,,MAW4016,, MDU6003 $125 each these are the only ones I have for Plymouths call 716 824 2292 or
add to favorites 1955-56 UNIVERSAL JOINT REBUILDING KIT
No Picture
1955-56 universal joint rebuilding kit for V8 only without power pack $35 call 716 824 2292 or
add to favorites 6 VOLT VOLTAGE REGULATORS
No Picture
6 volt voltage regulators and gen cutouts new and rebuilt call 716 824 2292 or
add to favorites 1933-61 PISTON RINGS
No Picture
1933-61 piston rings for 6 and V8 $35 set call 716 824 2292 or
add to favorites USED DISTRIBUTORS 1935-42
No Picture
Used distributors fits 1935-42 $35 each ,,,IGS4204-1,,4003,,4103-A,,4203-1,,,,,also 2642718 67 with 318 auto trans ,,call 716 824 2292 or
add to favorites 1935-48 VALVE GRIND GASKET SET
No Picture
OLD STOCK valve grind gasket set fits 1935-48 $35, call 716 824 2292 or
add to favorites 1942-60s FRONT E-BRAKE CABLES
No Picture
NEW replacement front emergency brake cables $35. call 716 824 2292 or
add to favorites 1955-69 FACTORY REBUILT WATER PUMPS
No Picture
1955-69 factory rebuilt water pumps for all V8 $45 .call 716 824 2292 or
add to favorites 1940-60s SHOCK ABSORBERS
No Picture
1940-60s shock absorbers front and rears most are $40 pair call 716 824 2292 or
add to favorites 1937-61 BRAKE SHOES
No Picture
Relined brake shoes for all series 1937-61 $45. set [2 wheels] exchange call 716 824 2292 or
add to favorites Headlight Switch - 1947 Plymouth
Headlight Switch for a 1947 Plymouth. Used. $10.00
add to favorites Plymouth and other Classic Car Clocks for sale
No Picture
I have hundreds of classic car clocks from the 20s through the 70s. Many are hard to find and NOS. current stock includes
Plymouth Clock Delete 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951

1969-1973 plymouth clock
add to favorites 1939 Plymouth engine & transmission
No Picture
P8*241486 The engine runs. You can see it run on my youtube channel 'Jon Emberson"


918 493 0228
add to favorites VINTAGE 1937 Plymouth Grill
No Picture
Grill in great condition, been garaged. Not a reproduction.
Call 573-854-0403 ask for DON
add to favorites 1956 plymouth hubcaps for sale
No Picture
1956 Plymouth hub caps for sale, very nice, $25 each. 336-765-8312, jerry whitfield in Winston salem NC
add to favorites Fuel Pump for '46-48 Plymouth
Napa Fuel Pump M847 New in Box. I had for my '47 Plymouth $45.00

PLEASE! Only PLYMOUTH, POWELL, or FARGO Vehicle related advertisments.