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add to favorites 1932 PB parts & 1935 grill shell
No Picture
I recently picked up most of a 1932 PB roadster, looking for hood tops with or without sides, a 32 Desoto Grill, all or part. A 1935 Plymouth Grill Shell or complete. I am sure I need much more, let me know what you have please. Thanks. I can be reached at 530-394-8226.
add to favorites 1948 Plymouth
No Picture
I am looking for a good used front bumper for my 1948 Plymouth 2 door coupe. I have one but needs to be re-chromed. My car is just a nice driver and a new one would make rest of chrome look out of place.
Can anyone help me out?
Thanks, Bob
add to favorites 34 Plymouth Cabriolet
No Picture
I have heard that at one time there were reproduced windshield posts for the Plymouth, Dodge, and Chrysler cabriolet . Maybe from brass and made in Canada? Also I heard that there might be reproduced tail light chrome parts that hold the lens.
Does anyone know of replacement right side door locks? Thanks
add to favorites Rubber sill cover
No Picture
I am looking for a passenger side black rubber sill cover for a 1950 Plymouth 2door special deluxe. It can be driver quality even if the bottom rubber gromiets are broken ,but it needs to be the kind that has the metal plate formed on the inside. Let me know what you have with the price and pictures, Thanks, Jerry
add to favorites WTB 1958 Belvedere door panels/trim
Hi all: I am looking for 1958 Belvedere 2 or 4 door hardtop door panels. Want red and black, but any color will do. I could use the stainless steel trim if the upholstery or boards are damaged. Thanks! Marc Struglia.
add to favorites 34 Cabriolet
No Picture
I need a few parts for my 34 Cabriolet. Door lock on drivers door. Large windshield knob ( Nut) that holds windshield up. Glove box Door and latch, Ash tray, Rumble seat latch, Front toe (floor) board, Gas pedal,Inside door panel for pattern, Top metal trim between door panel and window. Thanks for any help.
add to favorites OEM ignition coil 31 PA
No Picture
Looking for an OEM ignition coil for a 31 PA. This is the one that mounts behind the dash.
add to favorites 1939 Business Coupe
No Picture
looking for an engine for my 1939 plymouth business coupe
add to favorites 1939 Business Coupe
No Picture
looking for an engine for my 1939 plymouth business coupe
add to favorites 1941 Business Coupe
No Picture
I am looking for a very original driver 1941 Plymouth Business Coupe that is close to rust free for my Dad to drive. A '41 was his first car and I want him to drive one again.
Thanks for any leads.
add to favorites EXHAUST MANIFOLD
No Picture
add to favorites 46'-48' Plymouth Salvage Yards
No Picture
Does anyone know of any salvage yards that has some 46-48 Plymouths? If so, please email with their respective contact info. I need a driver's side door post striker plate/catch and a driver's side rear seat arm rest with backing plate and 3 mounting screws.

Thanks for your help.
add to favorites 1956 plymouth parts
No Picture
I need the 8 "P L Y M O U T H" letters for the hood, potmetal trunk handle, drivers door latch assembly for a 4 door sedan.

for a 56 station wagon I need:
need license plate holder assembly
and mounting clips for the upper tail gate's lower stainless molding. See attached picture. Clip is approximately 1" x 1" and the screw is positioned below. Need 7
thank you
jerry whitfield
winston salem NC
add to favorites !956 Plymouth Cowl Vent Rod Boot
No Picture
1956 Plymouth (probably 1955 too) Cowl Vent Rod Boot. This boot fits over the part of the rod that goes through the inner firewall. Access (if you don't have the heater motor cover off) is just above the heater vent. Can email photo if needed.
Cliff Ballard
add to favorites Need 1949 Plymouth 218 engine and 3 speed transmission
No Picture
I need a 1949 era Plymouth 218 engine and 3 speed transmission. I have a great car but need and good running engine and transmission.
add to favorites 1930 Plymouth Body Parts
No Picture
Wanted: Body parts for 1930 Plymouth Model 30-U Four Door Touring

Radiator chrome shroud and core

All the above were destroyed in transport carrier accident.

Donald C Sharp Sr.
344 S Howe St
Wichita KS 67209

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